Ahead of the phone’s commercial launch later this week, Samsung has reportedly prevented the Bixby button on its Galaxy S8 from being remapped to perform other functions. It was previously reported that a third-party app would be able to change the button’s purpose; instead of opening Samsung’s personal assistant, perhaps some users would prefer that it trigger Google Assistant, launch the camera, or open a favorite app.

According to a post at XDA Developers, a new Galaxy S8 firmware update from Samsung now shuts down the ability to remap the Bixby button. Previously, the button’s command was “intercepted” by the Accessibility Services built into Android. That would’ve allowed other apps (once granted accessibility permissions by the user) to change its default function. But the latest Galaxy S8 system firmware removes this possibility altogether. Nothing’s being taken away since the phone hasn’t even launched yet, but Samsung is preventing a bit of customization that power users would’ve appreciated.

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