Ted Sarandos

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says the streaming giants spat with the Cannes Film Festival had escalated beyond what the company intended and acknowledged that “sometimes we make mistakes”.

Hastings spoke on the dispute during a session at the Series Mania festival in Lille, reports variety.com.

“I know we have a reputation as a disruptor. Sometimes we make mistakes. We got into a bigger situation with Cannes than we meant to,” Hastings said.

Hastings said that Cannes, which has banned from competition any film not destined for theatrical release in France, was “very sincere at finding a model that works for them and us”.

He added: “We love Cannes. We’ve been many years and have buyers going this year.”

Hastings said that at least in France, Netflix would “focus now on series. Standup, docuseries – there is so much we can do without being a disruptor on the movie side”.

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