Retaining a top-level executive at a company is being one of the difficult tasks in today’s Internet age. On Monday, the vice president and MD of GoDaddy India, Rajiv Sodhi has submitted his resignation to rejoin Microsoft for leading the Cloud and Server business, starting from December. Earlier, Sodhi was working Vice President and Managing Director, GoDaddy at internet domain registrar, GoDaddy India and Australia from 2012.

“My focus is to lead the company to drive internet adoption amongst SMB’s in India and bridge the digital divide in the country. We achieve that through driving massive awareness on mass media and online channels, localizing our offerings for the market and providing the best customer care 24/7,” Sodhi says.

Under his guidance, the domain seller has started several projects, products and services in regional languages in India targeting small business around the country. These services were majorly in Hindi, Tamil and Marathi to enable more small businesses (SMB) across India to build strong online presences. With the launch of such products, GoDaddy has become India’s first domain provider to offer its services in regional languages to target locals.

Prior to joining GoDaddy, Sodhi was a Microsoft employee as the Director – India SMB, Cloud and Software Sales through Distribution and Reseller Channel Management. He had been at Microsoft from 2002 to 2012, before joining GoDaddy. He was responsible for  channel-led sales, and geographic expansion of the cloud business which was in its nascent stage during those years.

Now, after joining Microsoft again in December, Sodhi will be predominantly responsible for leading the company’s cloud business and compete with AWS, who is its primary competitor in the cloud space in India. Microsoft has also built robust cloud technologies, like Azure, Sharepoint and other Exchange or server solutions.