Mamata Banerjee opposes the BJP of trying to ‘appropriate’ the Ram Navami and asks BJP not to mix religion with politics.

“The BJP should not describe Ram Navami as its own. The BJP has nothing to do with Ram Navami. It should stop mixing religion with politics. In Uttar Pradesh they sought ‘Sabka Sath,’ but in Bengal they are playing divisive politics,” she said mounting an attack on the party.

Banerjee also alleged that the BJP was using the ‘Om’ symbol in their political programmes.

“Who has given you (BJP) the right to use the Om symbol? Is it your party symbol? Religious leaders chant it. We all chant Om Namah Shivaya,” she said at a public meeting here.

If BJP wants to use ‘Om’ in their programmes, it should go to the Election Commission and have its party symbol changed, she said alleging that the BJP and CPI-M were hand-in-glove.

“You (BJP) have hiked the price of cooking gas and kerosene. Even demonetisation has affected people in such a manner that thousands have lost their jobs,” she said.

Referring to the development projects undertaken by the state government, she said: “We are developing tourism infrastructure in Bankura including in Mukutmanipur and for the terracotta temples of Bishnupur.”

“We have set up a university in Bankura. A super multi- speciality hospital is coming up at Barjora while investments worth Rs 11,000 crore were made in the district,” Banerjee said adding the government will execute a new water supply project for eight more blocks of Bankura by August.

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