Modi stooping to new levels in K'taka polls Anand Sharma

Congress leader Anand Sharma on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lost all his credibility and is stooping to new levels in the runup to the Karanata Assembly elections by dragging in the name of Indian Army and religion for votes.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no impact because he has lost his credibility. People have no hope from his promises and the trust that he had gained in 2014 has evaporated and that is reflected in the desperation and the tactics employed by him who has stooped to new low levels.

“Modi is the first Prime Minister who has repeatedly dragged the Indian Army, the soldiers and the Generals for electoral gains to emotionally exploit the people,” he said.

The former Union Minister accused Modi of openly seeking votes by “creating suspicion, tension and division among communities, groups and religions”, adding the design of the BJP-RSS is clear from their statements and the happenings in some parts of the country.

“A list of martyrs of the BJP has been released by the BJP leadership in Karnataka and many of the people are alive. So, this is the level to which they have stooped. They are levelling false accusations. His language is not in accordance with the dignity of the Prime Minister,” he said.

Sharma claimed that Modi has said several other things in this election campaign that showed he has not yet understood the responsibilities of the post of Prime Minister.

“Modi should realize that he is no more a leader in opposition, but for the last four years he is the Prime Minister of the country. And, he should behave like one … the world watches what the leader of a country is saying and if he says something wrong then he is ridiculed,” he said.

Modi and BJP President Amit Shah have destroyed the country’s economy, destroyed job opportunities and weakened social unity and the composite culture of this country, he said.

“This is only one state election, wait for 2019 and I can say this with responsibility, that this government is now in the departure lounge. The Prime Minister and his government will be given a send-off in 2019 for what they have done to the country,” Sharma added.

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