Xbox One X Microsoft lands killer blow to PS4 Pro

Just a few days ago, Microsoft told the world that the Xbox One X that went on pre-orders last month had become its fastest-selling console pre-order in history. Quite impressive. The console pre-orders have sold out at most retailers in the United States, and in many countries around the world. Now a reputed analyst claims that the Xbox One X sales would be higher than that of Sony’s flagship PlayStation 4 Pro.

Xbox One X sales could reach one million during holiday season

The Redmond-based company was taking pre-orders for a ‘Project Scorpio edition’ of the console. For the uninitiated, Project Scorpio was the code-name of the Xbox One X. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter told investors that the Xbox One X sales would account for 20% of the Xbox One sales this year. The analyst also believes that Microsoft’s console would outsell the PS4 Pro upon its launch on November 7th.

Neither the PS4 Pro nor the One X is intended to replace their respective predecessors. The One X will play the same games as its affordable sibling Xbox One S. And the PS4 Pro plays the same titles as the other PS4 consoles. But these are more powerful consoles that offer better visuals than their siblings. The One X has been priced at $499, while the PS4 Pro costs $399.

Pachter said Microsoft’s new console would sell around two million units during the first year of launch. When a Twitter user asked him whether the One X would outsell the PS4/PS4 Pro, he responded: “the Pro, yes, the PS4, no.” Responding to another Twitter user, the analyst said the Xbox One X sales would reach one million units worldwide during the holiday season.

Michael Pachter doesn’t “want” the One X to fail, but that’s how many units he predicts Microsoft will ship this holiday season. One million “is not a huge success,” added the analyst. His statements imply that the PS4 Pro would sell less than one million units during the holiday period. Of course, the One X is far more powerful than the PS4 Pro, which may help it attract some gaming enthusiasts for whom price is not a major concern.

There are strong reasons to believe Pachter. First, the PS4 Pro was launched in November 2016. It will be a year old when the Xbox One X hits the store shelves. The initial euphoria for Sony’s console has faded, but will be at its peak for the One X. The Japanese company hasn’t revealed the exact sales numbers for the PS4 Pro, though it has said that the Pro version accounts for nearly 20% of the PS4 sales.

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