Xbox One X will have a big impact on PC gaming

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s beastly new console, sporting six teraflops (TF) of computational power to produce 4K HDR visuals across more than 130 games (with many more on the way). The preorders for the standard 1TB edition went live earlier this week ahead of its November 7, 2017, launch target.

If you’re jumping into the Xbox ecosystem for the first time (and have cash to burn), there are more than a few accessories and other hardware you need to complete your setup. Here are some of our recommendations for Xbox accessories, 4K TVs, and other products to improve the overall “Xperience”.

Xbox Elite Controller

If you’re prepped to dial your gaming up a notch, why not throw in an Xbox One Elite Controller for good measure?

The Xbox One Elite Controller comes with four additional programmable paddle buttons, trigger locks for rapid firing, interchangeable joysticks for more precision, and a more accurate D-pad for those fighting games. It’s arguably the best video game controller ever, and it’s available for around $140.

Custom Xbox Design Lab Controller

The Xbox Design Lab lets you tailor an Xbox controller with colors of your choice. You can even select different types of material finishes for the triggers.

The Design Lab controllers also support Bluetooth, making them a viable option for PCs and compatible mobile games. Design Lab controllers start at $80. We’re big fans of them at Windows Central.


If you’re going all-in on the 4K ecosystem, picking up a powerful TV to match might be a good plan. If you have cash to burn, you should look no further than the outstanding LG C7 OLED TV.

As described by, the LG C7 is currently regarded as the best-in-class for 4K HDR gaming.

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