Galaxy Press Announces Nine-Foot-Tall Battlefield Earth Alien Captured by Dragon Con President Pat Henry

“No one gets into Dragon Con without a badge!” With these words, and accompanied by the novel’s hero Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, Dragon Con President Pat Henry stopped the 9 foot tall alien Terl—from the book Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard—and insisted he have a badge if he was going to attend the convention.

The malevolent alien security chief Terl from the planet Psychlo—the novel’s chief villain—was captured today by Jonnie Goodboy Tyler—the story’s hero—along with the Dragon Con President when Terl was found trying to enter the convention without a badge. Once detained, Jonnie provided a ladder to enable Pat Henry to climb up and put a badge on the 9’ tall alien, and so formally mark the novel’s release. “Battlefield Earth” is a swashbuckling science fiction saga of adventure, daring and courage, when man is an endangered species and the future survival of what’s left of the human race is at stake.

Following the event, convention attendees were able to visit the Galaxy Press booth where Books-a-Million had set up an off-site bookstore featuring the new “Battlefield Earth” mass market paperback. Jonnie Goodboy Tyler was performed by John Wright.

Since its initial release in 1982, “Battlefield Earth” has sold over 4 million copies and was rated #3 of the top 100 novels of the 20th Century in the Modern Library Readers Poll. This new edition has expanded content containing an author interview published in the Rocky Mountain News shortly after the book’s initial release and a Discussion Guide.

The “Battlefield Earth” book is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and wherever books are sold.