The smartphone manufacturer Samsung had withdrawn all the phones from the market due to a blast in the Galaxy Note 7. Also the cell phone was locked as well. On the investigation, the company had told that the real reason for the blast in the battery was the battery. Due to shrinking of the corner of the battery, incidents like fire occurred due to the positive and negative layers not completely separated. In such a situation, when the battery was hot, it would burst if it had not spread anywhere. After this the company had informed that the reflexed phones of Galaxy Note 7 would be made available for sale in the market.
According to the Samsungvn website, Samsung is going to launch referrised units of this phone in the market. Some photos of Galaxy Note 7 are also shared with this new ROM version on this website. The Galaxy Note 7’s remodeled device’s code is SM-N935, which was previously SM-N930. At the same time, it was earlier given 3500 mAh battery, which has now been made 3200 mAh.
Samsung’s reputation in the smartphone market has gone bad due to the Galaxy Note 7. It is, therefore, predicted that it would be better to launch the phone with a discount of Rs 20,000 and Rs 30,000 without first launching it. However, the company has not yet made any official announcement about it. Nothing can be said about the value of the phone and the availability of the phone again.

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