TV Actors Give Their Take On Kissing In Public

While some say it’s a justified expression of love, others say that kissing should be restrained to the confines of the bedroom. These TV actors tell JYOTHI VENKATESH what exactly they feel about kissing in public.

Jasmin Bhasin

I do indulge in social kissing and I don’t understand why it is embarrassing for people to watch I think love is the most important part of our life and kissing is an expression of love. It doesn’t mean you are dirty or bad. When you see someone after a long time, you express your love in different ways. How can love be embarrassing to watch or how could it be embarrassing for someone who is doing it?

Rehaan Roy

Kissing is an expression of love and I don’t honestly feel there’s any problem in kissing someone publicly, as long as it doesn’t become a sexual activity. And if some people find it embarrassing, then I must say, “Kuch toh log lagenge.. logo ka Kaam hai kehna.” So, if anyone feels there’s any problem in it, I’ll just tell them to, “Deal with it!”

Moon Banerrjee

It all depends on the person. I don’t think a person like me would get embarrassed as clearly what other people are doing isn’t my business. Yes, I don’t understand this particular trend of kissing in public. It is inspired by western culture. Social kissing is definitely a trend but it’s become more of an obligation to do so. Though I do the same but only with people who are extremely close to me and to them with whom I genuinely feel that warmth and love.

Jason Shah

People shouldn’t be watching people kissing in the first place! When you meet your friends and when you meet your lover, it’s very different. I think it’s a personal thing, some people don’t even shake hands. I think it’s all about what you are comfortable with.

Khalid Siddiqui

I am more of a hug person than a kiss person but I believe to each their own. If the person doing it has no issues then the people around also should not be bothered.

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