Telugu Anchor & Actress Anasuya lashes out at Internet trolls

If you are a famous celebrity than love from fans can be showered from any unexpected sources, just because they recognised you. The same happened with anchor-turned-actress Anasuya Bharadwaj and because of her fame, she got in trouble. A resident of Tarnaka in Hyderabad filed a complaint against her, alleging that she broke her son’s mobile phone when he was asking for a selfie.

The act of the actress is getting her a negative publicity and people are trolling her on Internet, With mounting criticism, Anasuya gave feeble excuse that people didn’t understand her properly and she said she now needs detox from social media.

She tweeted, ” I am surprised and actually taken aback at the way how rebellious people have become towards me without any awareness of truth. I confess..its hurtful. I think we need to take break. Much love to all of those who believe in me and support me. Untill next time #socialDetox”.

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