We see many comedy drama’s every year and every week. These kind of movies are encouraged by the audience and will be encouraged in the future as well. One such kind of movie is Raju Kannada Medium. The trailer has attracted many people and the movie lovers caught attention. The movie is hitting theaters today and many will be watching the movie.

Raju Kannada Medium is a film written and directed by Naresh Kumar. It features Gurunandan and Avantika Shetty along with Ashika Ranganath in the lead roles. Achyuth Kumar, Suchendra Prasad, Sadhu Kokila and the Russian model Angelina Desedina play the supporting roles. The score and soundtrack for the film is by Kiran Ravindranath and the cinematography is by Shekhar Chandra.


The movie is the story of a village boy who is constantly trying to understand what life is. He is highly ambitious and goes out of his village to achieve his dreams. In every stage of his life, he encounters different challenges and struggles, which make his path very difficult. Will he be able to deal with his struggles and achieve what he wants in life?


Gurunandan and Avantika has done their part for the film. The characterisation in some of the scenes is not good while the background music has some impact on the movie. Other characters in the film have played their part well to generate some comedy. The direction is okay.

Raju Kannada Medium Movie Rating: 3/5