Maayavan Movie Review

Actor Sundeep Kishan Tamil science fiction crime mystery thriller oriented film Maayavan Which is co-written, co-produced and directed by C. V. Kumar. Actress Lavanya Tripathi played the female lead role Beside Sundeep Kishan. Daniel Balaji and Jackie Shroff play supporting roles. The film has Gopi Amarnath’s cinematography and Leo John Paul’s editing. Popular Misc Composer Ghibran has composed the music for the Tamil film and a Audio Already have impressed the viewers. So are you going to watch the film in theaters so before going to silver screens.


The character of Crime Inspector Kumaran, played by Sundeep Kishan in a physically demanding role. After a series of ghastly murders in the city, Kumaran, who is the responsibility to find the culprit, sees a similar pattern in each killing and sets out to discover the motive.

The first half of the film is a complete slow-burn, with various mysterious knots in the story getting disentangled one by one even as CV Kumar makes audiences play guessing games. However, the screenplay moves at a snail pace, and the lack of excitement is visible as we near the pre-interval sequence. Lavanya Tripathi, who plays a psychiatrist in the film, aces the role but her horrible lip-sync is quite a worry.The film makes a solid comeback in the second half, which proceeds swiftly thanks to Leo John Paul’s nifty editing work.

The shift in tone of the script from comedy to tragedy in a few instances is what makes Maayavan click.Shocked on seeing the brutal crime, Kumaran is shocked and while hunting for the criminal, he gets severely injured.

The film is futuristic. It begins in 2037. A sick old man is shown. There is s flashback. The movie revolves around a policeman Kumaran (Sundeep Kishan). He wants to arrest a criminal but it leads him to the murderer (Dheena). Sadly it lands him in trouble.To return to the department, Kumaran checks up and finds that he suffers from a mental problem.

Sundeep Kishan perfectly suits the role of an angry young cop, it’s a physically demanding role and the actor has given everything for it. After Sundeep, it’s Daniel Balaji who attracts us with his versatile performance but we feel that a better actor in place of Jackie Shroff would have worked better. Lavanya Tripathi has an important role in the film but she doesn’t have much screen space. The rest of actors including Bhagavathy Perumal, Jayaprakash, and Mime Gopi have given their best.

Maayavan Movie Rating: 3/5