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Bharat Ane Nenu Movie Receiving Postive Talk from the Overseas film has been screened free premiere shows in united states and few Gulf countries. The combo of Koratala and Mahesh created magic with Srimanthudu last time around. The stakes are even higher and the film created a humongous hype once the teaser was released. The film is a social drama and is up for a release on the 20th of this month and close to 2000 premiere shows are being aired in the US which itself speaks volumes of craze Mahesh has.

What is Bharat Ane Nenu About ?

It is the story of a guy(Bharat) who is well educated comes from London after his father’s demise. He has a nature of keeping his promise after he loses his mother after a breaking his promise. So, in that circumstances he becomes the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh as his father was the Chief Minister of the state. But he gets to know what is the situation in the state and try to make it better for all the people. How he got rid of all the challenges as an inexperienced Chief Minister and makes the lives of people better is the crux of the story.

Film Bharat Ane Nenu is a socio-political thriller wherein Mahesh Babu will be taking on the role of a Chief Minister. As a Chief Minister, he is not after power and position but is set to make a difference in the lives of the people he serves.

Mahesh’s and Kiara’s Performance:

As well-educated, good-natured CM, Mahesh Babu oozes charm as well as gives his best in the emotionally charged scenes. Even in the action episodes, he exhibits class. Mahesh Babu is the pillar of this movie.Actress Kiara Advani looks beautiful, shares great chemistry with Mahesh and has a solid role too. Prakash is also in terrific form. Good Performances by all supporting actors.

Koratala Siva has picked up an interesting subject that deals with some serious social issues including corruption in politics. The director has blended some amazing twists and turns and commercial ingredient in his brilliant political thriller. The movie is lengthy and drags a bit in parts, but it is engaging and entertaining right from the beginning till end, say the audience.

Rich frames are the striking feature of the movie. Appreciation should go to the cinematographer. He has a distinct style of filming hero elevating scenes.Songs by Devi Sri Prasad are catchy. Editing is good.

Mahesh babu’s performance is good and the story is so flat which doesn’t make the story go away from its path. The picturisation and some hero elevating shots in slowmotion are the highlights. The director of photography has done a very good job to show everything in better quality. Other thing which is better in the movie is the production values. The movie has very high production values.


  • Mahesh Babu’s performance
  • Kiara Advani’s charm
  • Elevation of heroism
  • Dialogues
  • Direction
  • Cinematography

Bottom Line: In Bharat Ane Nenu, he has used the same style but has strong content and has narrated the movie in a focused manner, not deviating from the story and Dialogues written by the director will also make the fans happy. Mahesh Babu’s class performance, Kiara’s charm, good message, right mix of mass and class elements make the movie a good commercial entertainer. All in all, Bharat Ane Nenu is the movie where content and commercial elements have blended well.

Movie Rating: 4/5