Anjani Putra is a romantic action film starring Puneeth Rajkumar and Rashmikha Mandanna in lead roles. Film is written and directed by A. Harsha, produced by M. N. Kumar and B. Jayashree Devi. Haripriya makes a special appears in a song. Anjani Putra is an official remake of Tamil film Poojai.


Puneeth Rajkumar is running small level finance business in vegetable market for reasonable interest. He has many friends like Chikkana and others to associate him in this trade and Puneeth enjoys huge support from all the quarters. Meanwhile Rashmika Mandanna happens to become his friend but Puneeth falls in love with her. When Puneeth expresses his love she asks about his status which can match to love her.

Here she does’t know the fact that he is son of Ramya Krishnan who happens to be the MD to the group of industries but since a big misunderstanding he left house and live alone.

Meanwhile Mukesh Tiwari who runs all the anti social activities with political support plans to murder the honest police officer where Puneeth saves his life. Now this gang will be after Puneeth to eliminate him but this Mukesh Tiwari happens to be his old rival to his family. Mukesh threatens the locals and wants to capture the Temple land which Puneeth’s father donated many years ago.

Later Puneeth joins with his family and fights back with Mukesh Tiwari. How Puneeth protects his family and eliminates the notorious Mukesh Tiwari is the rest of the story.

Anjani Putra Movie Rating: 3/5

Movie Review

Anjani Putra , despite being remake of tamil film Poojai , could still be successful in the B and C centres, and affirm his bankability. The writing is generally not well thought out though. It seems almost like groups of imperfect scenes were put together in the hope that they’d somehow come together to form a riveting, entertaining whole. Anjani Putra then is a refutation of Aristotle’s adage that states that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.