Padman Box Office Collections Akshay Kumar’s film is super impressive on Day 3!

Based on women’s health and menstruation, PadMan had set major expectations when the trailer launched. Not only were people hoping to see Akshay Kumar on the big screen but also expected the level to match up like it usually does. Unfortunately, PadMan could not become a successful Bollywood film. It was full of flaws and didn’t cater to different constituencies very well. Here’s how the movie has performed on day 11!

PadMan had started off with a decent score at the box office. It did well for the first few days, picked up a little speed and then started to decline by the time it was the end of the second week. The collections of the film stand up to 72.25 crores at the box office and it needs another 20 crores to break even at the box office.

PadMan might have a couple weeks left at the box office, but how it performs is totally dicy. Nothing can be predicted as of now. We just hope it shows some good signs and  breaks even!

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