Sapna Chaudhary To Make Her Debut In Hindi With Dosti Ke Side Effects

The controversial Bigg Boss winner and popular Haryanvi singwer and dancer Sapna Chaudhary is all set to make her debut in Hindi films with Dosti Ke Side Effects produced by Joyal Daniel of Share Happiness Films and directed by Hadi Ali Abrar who had earlier directed Dongri Ka Raja.

The film also stars Vikrant Anand, Zunde K. Khan and Anju Jadhav in the lead. Says Sapna Chaudhary, “What I liked about the film is that it is a complete family movie based on contemporary perspective. The lives of four friends are intertwined in the film to form the story of the movie and as the movie progresses; different facets of life come out to the audience. The film sets out to prove that true friendship comes with effects and advocates –platonic relationship in a big way in this world where everything revolves round sex”. Says Hadi Ali Abrar, “Dosti Ke Side Effect s is a true entertainer and depicts the true reflection of life where we have love, hatred, betrayal, promise, drama, happiness and yes friendship. It eulogises thick friendship in an age where people believe in fucking and forgetting.” Altaff Sayyed and Manny Verma have composed music for the film which is slated for release on 14 December, just three months after it was launched.

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