Anushka Sharma and Arjun Kapoor are fans of the famous ‘Dancing Uncle’

Social media is a place where things go viral like fire and the thing which is trending right now is an energetic man dancing to Bollywood songs. Either be it Dame Tu Cosito dance challenge or anything else, people gets attract to something unusual and catchy and this time it’s a person called Sanjeev Srivastava who is dancing to Govinda’s song at an event. The videos show him dancing on Aap Ke Aa Jane Se and the remix of Chadti Jawani Meri Chall Mastani.

The guy got it’s name as Dancing Uncle by the viewers because of his very much entertaining and enthusiastic dance movies. In just no time dancing uncle got viral and grab the eyeballs of the Bollywood stars.

Arjun kapoor took to his official twitter handle to share the video of the man applauding his confidence and amazing dances movies.

And it’s not just Arjun but Anushka Sharma as well who shared a video on her Instagram account where a girl can be seen matching to the moves of the man. The girl in the video can be seen wearing Nush brand T-shirt. The actor appreciated the dancer and also gave a shoutout to #cooluncle.

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