Alia’s Bhatt Talks About Her Relationship With Ranbir Kapoor!!

Alia Bhatt’s Gully Boy is all set for Valentine’s release this year. So the first valid question asked Alia was with whom she would like to celebrate Valentine’s day with. Alia blushed and replied”I have only one person to celebrate my valentine day with.”.

Realizing her professional commitment she immediately corrects herself and says “in fact I am shooting for my next film,” Brahmastra” since the shooting is in progress. So, obviously half my valentine celebrations will be completed with director Ayaan and Mr. Bachchan.”.

We immediately interrupt and quiz “So your interest has shifted. Unconsciously Alia asks “From who?? Ranbir to Ayaan!!

Elaborating about Valentine’s day celebrations while she was in school, Alia added “we all girls would anxiously look forward – which boy would come forward and present us with roses? Also from the corner of the eyes we would try to find out – which boy was looking at which girl?? All in all every girl would wait for somebody for gifts on Valentine’s day.”

Adding about herself she smiles and says,” I toh never waited for any boy to present a Rose to e.I would like ….mujhe rozana …roses mite thai.”[I would get roses almost every day.]

Refreshing her memories about her first valentine gift she said, ” I remember when I was fifteen years old someone gifted me a perfume bottle. I was so happy that I finished the entire perfume bottle within a short period of ten days

On a philosophical note she says, “It’s good that we celebrate love on one particular day. Celebrating love everyday would be too much. It has to be a special day. Like any other festival on this day you make time for your loved ones. It can be friends, or family. You can give notes or letters to anyone you love.”

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