Rallies, meetings only after filing nomination papers Chief Electoral Officer

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Sanjiv Kumar on Saturday, Aprill 14 clarified that any candidate — either Independent or belonging to a party — can take out rallies or organize meetings only after filing nomination papers.

“Permission cannot be granted till such a time as it will be violation of various laws, including IPC, Representation of People Act, Police Act, and municipal laws too,” he told media persons when his attention was drawn to returning officers not giving permission for candidates to campaign.

Several independent candidates wishing to contest the Assembly elections complaining that they are not being allowed to hold rallies and meetings.

In several constituencies, election officials have denied permission to Independent candidates to conduct rallies or public meeting till the filing of nomination papers. Political parties are allowed to hold rallies and public meetings, while after filing nominations, individual candidates can host rallies and meetings, Election Commission sources said. The nomination process starts on April 17.

However, some Independent candidates have complained that even if they file their nominations early, they will get just about 24 days for campaigning.

“Till the nomination is filed we do not know who will be the candidate. Likewise, permission cannot be granted to everyone,” Kumar said.

No change in voting time

He said the Election Commission had no plans to increase time for voting on May 12, when asked if it was being contemplated to improve voting percentage since it was peak summer.

He said it was difficult to extend the time since logistics of 58,000 polling booths had to be worked out.

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